Ingredients: fresh and alive seafood; spices of famous trade name; vegetables taken from safe area. Ingredients are processed directly without overuse of spices, preservative agent, and food color

Cook: work like he is serving his relatives, always care about the health and safety of customers, for example, the food must be delicious, clean, and good for the health.

Staff: friendly, hospitably, and devoted....


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MENU 1 140.000/PAX

Price : 120,000
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Thực đơn tour 120.000đ/pax, gồm 6 món
Xem thông tin chi tiết

1. Chíp chíp hấp
2. Mực trứng hấp gừng
3. Tôm sú hấp nước dừa
4. Gỏi xoài hải sản
5. Hàu nướng mỡ hành
6. Cải thìa xào tỏi
7. Lẩu hải sản + Bún
8.Trà đá + khăn lạnh + tráng miệng

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